• Aurélien Roblin

    Aurélien Roblin

    Indie Maker — Data engineer | NoCode, SideProject, Data science

  • Carri Craver

    Carri Craver

    Product strategist and experience designer @ccgirl

  • Julia Knox

    Julia Knox

    Poet-Hearted Scientist. I write, therefore I think. | juliamknox.com

  • Emerald Maven

    Emerald Maven

  • Magdalena Siljanoska Spinola

    Magdalena Siljanoska Spinola

    Software engineer by profession. Plants, books, languages, teaching and art fanatic by nature. Software engineer @ Ycode

  • Seth Fannin

    Seth Fannin

    No-Code Maker building products without code. buikt Docdrop.io for aspiring product managers | 💙 Product Mgmt | micro-SaaS | Startups

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